Evelyn learned how to sew at a young age from her mother. She started out making doll clothes, moved on to making  vintage-inspired prom dresses, historical reproductions, and doing the costumes for several high school theatre productions. Sewing runs in the family--Evelyn's great-grandmother worked as a seamstress in New York City, and her great-great-grandfather ran a successful tailoring business with his sons in Charleston, SC.

She went on to graduate with a degree in costume design from the College of Charleston, where she learned the intricacies of patternmaking, design, proper fitting, draping, and garment construction. She continued to work in costuming, holding jobs in everything from making mascot costumes to Spoleto Festival USA, and finally ended up working in the bridal industry. In 2011, she started her own alterations business. She has worked closely with local bridal stores, in addition to countless other brides in the Charleston area over the years. Evelyn's attention to detail and knowledge of proper fitting is ideal for the precision required in preparing a wedding gown for the big day!

Her longstanding love and study of vintage garments and style has led to her specializing in restoring and updating vintage wedding gowns for the modern bride. She strives to retain the integrity of the original design while making the gown wearable and applicable to today's styles.